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Flipper & Scanner


Each playing card had a barcode printed onto each side, so that as it exits the stack the cuecat will scan it and know the card being dealt. This allows the robot to play any number of games rather than just deal them. The cuecat was disassembled into two parts. The black housing with the red light is the photodiode, LED and lens system for reading, and on the other side of the solenoid is the electronics that convert the signal into a keyboard signal. The cuecat was glued in place, and had to be positioned so that it was right against the surface of the barcode being scanned.

The Solenoid was included, but never fully functional in our project. For many games, some cards need to be dealt face up. The solenoids were added so that as the card is leaving the dealer the solenoid would kick up the back end of the card, flipping it over mid-air before landing on the table. The physical flipping worked quite well, but the actual timing of when to fire the solenoid was never implemented in out code, and is very difficult to do by hand.