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The bulk of the body was constructed out of polycarbonate for its ease of machining and for viewing the internal mechanisms. Each piece was designed by hand, in SolidWorks, and then machined by hand in a mill. The pieces were glued together with a plastiweld glue and screwed together as well. The opaque pieces in the diagram represent pieces of UHMW for the bed and the axel bearings. UHMW was again chosen for its low friction, cost, and ease of use.


Another Maxon motor from the lab was used to control the movement of the cart. A 72:84 teeth ratio was used to gear down the motor for greater precision of movement. The gearing and the motor control gave very accurate and still rather fast movement. The gear ratio was chosen as it was the greatest ratio available given the physical constraints of the wheel size and distance between the motor and the axel.